Some benefits of CPython over Java-based languages:

  • Using the native Python interpreter may mean a massive speed improvement over Java-based languages.
  • Python is mature so authors needn't fear the interpreter will suddenly change widely-used features.
  • Access to the high quality Python modules, both native and Python-based.
  • Compilers and assorted Python tools are as mature as the language.
  • Python is an ideal language for your business logic. It is easy to learn, eminently readable and generally immune to programming gotchas.

Patches, comments and other help is greatly appreciated. If you need help, post to the SourceForge mailing list or forums. Please include code snippets for the most accurate response.

Jepp was developed at Trinity Capital and freely released. Jepp is licensed zlib/libpng license to avoid linking issues.

Installation instructions are in the README file. Using Jepp is documented Jepp - Usage. Note: if you need to extend Python to use Java features, try JPype.